STG Strength and Power would like to congratulate TJ and Jakob Stoffelsen for their incredible achievements. TJ and Jakob competed on June 12, 2010, at the World Powerlifting Congress (WPC) Raw Nationals.

At this competition, they achieved 15 world and 20 national records. TJ competed in the Junior Superheavyweight class, while Jakob competed in the 125kg class. Some of the highlights included Jakob hitting a 303lb squat and 350lb deadlift at only 14 years of age. TJ blew away all competitors in the Junior division with a 700kg total, finished off with a 600lb deadlift.

Both TJ and Jakob competed as drug tested athletes.



The Stoffelsen brothers continued their powerlifting success by competing at the World Powerlifting Congress World Championship in Idaho Falls, Idaho. Both brothers bettered their previous world records on route to winning their classes in all 3 lifts, total and the bench only.

Local support continues to pour in for the Stoffelsen's. Again the local newspaper ran an article on their achievements. To read it click the link below.


Michael Petrella recently completed a new certification geared specifically towards helping the youth attain their fitness goals.

YouthFit Certification is based on the book "Youth Fitness: An Action Plan for Shaping America’s Kids" Both the certification and the book were developed by Fred Fornicola (Owner of Premiere Personal Fitness) and Matt Brzycki (Assistant director of fitness - Princeton University).

The aim of the book and certification is to educate and inspire both youth and the people who train them to make and help guide towards smart decisions when it comes to their lifestyle, diet and training.


Owner of STG Strength and Power, Michael Petrella, was recently honoured by the World Head of Family Sokeship Council with a National Achievement Award.

The 17th annual Hall of Fame event took place in Orlando, Florida. Seminars were conducted by Grandmasters in various forms of Karate, Stick fighting, Hapkido, Jeet Kune Do, San Jitsu and the Canadian art of Seicho Jutsu, to name a few.

The World Head of Family Sokeship Council is the foremost collective group of accredited, internationally-recognized Masters and Grandmasters in the World.



Pictured Above (L-R): Grandmaster Daniel Verkerke and Master Michael Petrella.

Pictured Below (L-R): Dr. Bob Werner M.D. Medical Director, UPMC Cancer Center at St. Clair Hospital Master Michael Petrella and Ex-Marine Clyde Gray