2006 Seicho Jutsu Demonstration & Explanation


2002 Seicho Jutsu Demonstration & Explanation


1999 Seicho Jutsu demonstration explanation


Technique # 8 Offensive Knife Fighting


Technique # 7 Offensive Knife Fighting


Technique # 6 Offensive Knife Fighting


We will be providing a technique every week for the next eight weeks from the Seicho Jutsu Offensive Kife Fighting DVD series. In the past we have presented a video trailer for demonstration purposes but here you will be able to see the intricacies of the entire technique. Learning in  [ Read More ]

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When watching videos of martial artists performing techniques from their art, it is inevitable that somebody watching will think that, “this would never work on me” or ‚Äúthat technique is no good”. Although there are times when that statement may be accurate, more often than not, it is a comment  [ Read More ]

Arm Lock Seminar

Conducted by GM Daniel Verkerke during the World Head of Family Sokeship Councils seminar symposium and award ceremony   This seminar brings to light many of the finer points to successfully applying arm locks. It also addresses many of the comments online warriors have when watching videos from a very  [ Read More ]


I was recently at a Martial art event and was questioned by an older Grandmaster about teaching children. I replied that I no longer teach children and leave that up to my senior black belts who need that experience. What amused me, was his conclusion that I was too big  [ Read More ]


Video trailer number 1 from the Offense knife Fighting DVD series conducted by Daniel Verkerke. Many of the past Knife fighting DVD’s presented by Daniel Verkerke were defensive in nature. Meaning to dis-arm and control the attacker. This would be more politically correct within the commercial public teaching environments. During  [ Read More ]


The Combat Sense Show is a series which demonstrates and explains the most effective actions and reactions to deal with various self defense encounters. This format allows people to have direct knowledge which will inform and educate them on many of the mistakes people make while attempting to defend themselves.  [ Read More ]


In one on one combat there are a variety of ways to ensure victory. Whether it be by striking your opponent, or by wrestling them to the ground neither is as satisfying as slapping them into a killer armlock that makes them scream for mercy while you stand over them  [ Read More ]

Welcome to our new Interactive Martial Arts Portal. Bushido Way of the Warrior has been hosting websites and serving the martial arts community since the 1990′s. Over the years we have seen many changes both in programming and design. It is now our intention to create more of an interactive  [ Read More ]