Conducted by GM Daniel Verkerke during the World Head of Family Sokeship Councils  seminar symposium and award ceremony


This seminar brings to light many of the finer points to successfully applying arm locks. It also addresses many of the comments online warriors have when watching videos from a very limited point of view. It is entertaining listening to people critiquing techniques they are watching on video . They say that wont work in real life, while imagining what they would do to counter or reverse the technique. The difference is; they are in an imaginary world, judging others who are physically interactive in the real world. One only knows what happens in real life while they are experiencing the process. Arm locks work because the Uki provides the force or resistance. When watching techniques anyone can say I would not provide that force. The techniques work because there is force, if the force changes, so does the technique. As people get better, the exchange of force is more interactive and techniques flow naturally into each other.